Who we are  

Company "Hopex International LTD"is a privately owned, run and managed contracting Company that has been operating within local & international markets since 1998. Founded for the purpose of integrity, competence and specialization, the Company has become ultimately and distinctively characterized with works within the fields of corrosion protection, hydro insulation as well as thermal insulation

Steadily and firmly, Hopex International has successfully managed outstanding growth and expansion into variety markets with the incorporation of latest technologies and applicable innovation in relevant fields of works and areas of specialization. In the eyes of many, such penetration entitled "Hopex International LTD" to becoming a Market Leader; specifically in the Painting, Coating, Lining and Insulation works over variety Steel Surfaces. Likewise, the Co. specializes in works over Concrete Substrates; including but not limited to various anti-carbonation Bridge Painting and all kinds of Floor Coating Works; i.e., solvent free epoxies & polyurethanes, anti-bacteria and anti-static epoxies… etc

With the backup & support of its solid suppliers, over the years Hopex International managed to absorb Modern Market Trends and Innovation, and accordingly adapted itself to challenges of peculiar needs of clients operating withinforeign markets-and in particular- adopted suitable schemes & solutions as a form of know-how to satisfying those needs; fulfilling as such Project Specs to the tiniest detail while executing those to the satisfaction of consultants and clients. This strategy enabled Hopex International to significantly winning new markets and to serving Civil Construction, Mounting & Installation and all forms of Craftsmanship in addition to its specialty of works since 2007.  

As a result of Top Management farsightedness and adherence to rules & regulations,Hopex International has always believed in -and continuously supported the- constant development and specialization of its entire workforce; taking into consideration environmental impacts and measures by all means possible. Evidently, this vision resulted in maintaining high levels of quality in works, safe operational & working environment and as well, gaining trust and confidence of Client / Customer Base; all of which added and contributed to the reflection of Hopex International image amongst competition nowadays.

Hopex International prides itself to having acquired certification for Worldwide Recognized & Reputable Standards like ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Speaking for themselves, such Standards give an idea on Hopex International’s keenness and perspective on Quality and Management hand-in-hand with growth, development and general progressive approach.